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What Are the Best Python Programming Online Courses for Kids

With the whole world being driven by technology, teaching coding to kids is becoming a necessity. Today, coding is an essential part of the curriculum for students all over the world. It is believed that teaching coding at an early age can help children develop critical thinking skills. Therefore, multiple online coding courses for kids have emerged to teach them about writing programs.

Python is the third most popular programming language in the world. It is increasingly becoming the most preferred language and is used by companies like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Spotify, and more. Coder Cookies online Python classes for kids and teens is an excellent step to introduce them to the world of this dynamic language.

Kids who want to learn Python but don’t have the necessary resources at school will benefit dramatically from online coding for kids Python has to offer. They can develop important life skills like problem-solving, decision-making, logical-reasoning and more.

4 Best Python Online Coding Courses for Kids

There are multiple options available that teach Python to Kids. Online coding for kids enables them to learn Python from the comfort of their homes. However, selecting the best online Python classes for kids can be a challenge. Here are the top courses that teach Python programming to kids;

1. Scratch

The MIT media lab developed Scratch as a way of teaching Python to kids with the help of interactive, visual learning tools. With its drag-and-drop interface, kids can easily build programs by arranging code blocks and characters. It is one of the best online codings for kids Python program as they have fun while learning how to code. Through its design and colorful outlook, scratch keeps kids engaged throughout the course.

2. Blockly

Developed on similar lines as Scratch by Google, Blockly is another interesting course that offers online coding for kids. The coding concepts in Blockly are represented as interlocking blocks that children can arrange to write programs in Python. It has an app editor interface that gives kids the feeling that they are coding while keeping the environment engaging through colorful blocks.

3. EdX

EdX is a complete online learning programming that offers interesting online Python classes for kids. It assists children to become familiar with programming concepts and how to think like a developer. There are courses that offer kids the opportunity to learn programming in Python through Lego blocks. It focuses on developing basic skills and equipping children with programming knowledge that helps them in the future.

4. Tynker

Designed specifically for online coding for kids, Tynker teaches children above the age of 12 about the concepts of Python programming. It teaches them about the Python programming fundamentals, including loops, variables, objects, and more. They can develop interesting graphics and build games as they progress in the course.

Many kids are interested in software engineering, but they don’t have the right resources to learn. With online Python classes for kids, they can develop a strong programming foundation at an early age and learn all the skills necessary to excel as a software engineer.

cssolutionsWhat Are the Best Python Programming Online Courses for Kids

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