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The journey, called CoderCookies

The journey so far has only reinforced our conviction that all Kids and teens must learn Coding, whatever area or domain they choose, and learn they must from those who have the depth and breadth of the software concepts and skills and a great software industry exposure.

We are a team of software engineers and passionate teachers, with a combined experience of several decades in some of the best tech companies of the world like BlackBerry, Amazon, Apple, etc. Our team boasts of well trained Code Mentors who have a wider range of experience in programming, Data Science, Machine Learning, etc. and a passion to teach. We teach in small batches using a customized tailor-to-the-learning-method approach. We inspire and encourage creativity, with a keen focus to ensure that our students get the best coding concepts, skills and learning experience. We want no kid, teen or young adult to be left behind in this Coding journey.

Roopashri Satish


Roopashri Satish is a software development professional with many years of software industry experience in companies like a Blackberry, Siemens and Western Digital and exposure to many different programming languages. She has a passion to teach and enjoys teaching kids and young adults.


We have excellent advisors, who are software development engineers and techies with many years in the software development industry in companies like Blackberry, Apple and Amazon. We also have professors and academicians, with several years of teaching and industry experience. Our advisors are passionate about developing creative curriculum and projects to teach coding concepts and skills that can be taught in a fun and meaningful way.


Inspire the belief that every kid and young adult or teen can code and create, by keeping a student centric approach and customizing to the learning needs of every kid and young adult, while catering to the aspirations of tomorrow’s Programmers and Tech leaders.


To enable, teach and inspire every kid and young adult or teen to Code. We believe that Coding is not just for wanna-be-techies/software engineers. It is a can and must have skill for every kid and young adult or teen.

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