Free Lessons
Free Lessons

Advanced – Stage 3

  • Location: Online Classes
  • Age group: 10 to 13 years
  • Duration: 32 weeks, 1.15-hour class per week
  • Stage 3- 32 weeks
  • Learn advanced Coding concepts using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Learn Front UI/UX design aspects, styling aspects, static and dynamic webpages, etc.
  • Build Front end applications, games and animations
  • Build your own dynamic webpages and host your website
  • Demo days where kids demo their creations
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What Better Skill To Learn Online, In A Live Classroom Setting, Than Coding?

The journey so far has only reinforced our conviction that all Kids and teens must learn Coding, whatever area or domain they choose, and learn they must from those who have the depth and breadth of the software concepts and skills and a great software industry exposure.

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